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Drink driving proceedings

Drink driving offence in Spain it is a very serious issue as the maximum penalty could be even jail sentence if the rate is considerable high enough according to a Judge’s criteria. If the rate is normal or low only a fine will come and possibly you´ll be taken some points out of your driving license. That will happen if your license is Spanish, but it won’t if it is British, Irish, German, etc, where no points will be deducted and only the economical fine will have to be paid.

   Our firm provide full first legal assistance at Court or Police Station, followed by a quick trial proceedings (that is the way it is called) defense at the hearing. We’ll defend you in all stages, including appeals to higher Courts of Justice.

Anyway, if you have any queries about all the above mentioned, don’t hesitate to send me an email to my personal email address:, which I´ll gladly reply as soon as I can.


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