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International private law

  What’s International Law? It’s the subject that rules the relationships between citizens and companies which belong to different countries throughout the world. Applying International Law we can see or decide which Court is enforceable to bring a case to or which law, Spanish or other Country’s law is applicable when a case or dispute arises.

   For instance, we have dealt with International Cases of Inheritance or Divorce, Custody in which we have had to apply British Law in Spanish Courts or just the opposite, Spanish Law in a British Court, just like one Custody and Divorce case held in a Court in Wales where we had to apply for bringing the case back to Spain according to Law.

   Barrier of languages is not a problem in this firm as we speak English, Spanish and German.

Anyway, if you have any queries about all the above mentioned, don’t hesitate to send me an email to my personal email address:, which I´ll gladly reply as soon as I can.

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